Warhammer 40K: Geneseed


Stardate: 5 / 15 / (988.M41)

There are men that are born. And there are men that are made. The Astartes pride themselves upon both. They go beyond the barriers of the the human body and forge one of steel and faith but are born again through the Emperor’s geneseed. The Blood Ravens, however far they search through the relics scattered across space, have been the only chapter whose Primarch has been left in history.

They say leaders are made. This is the greatest delusion ever concocted by man. Any leader who is worth his salt is a born leader. While the commissars of the Guard rest their laurels upon attaining control of their unit, those destined to be Astartes aspire to be greater. Society presents circumstances that enable one to be fashioned or moulded into a leader. That’s the greatest contribution of society to mankind – it identifies a leader from its surroundings distinguishing one from the rest.

Davian Thule rose from the ashes, as he had done countless times before, atop the bodies of his fallen enemies. Nearly a hundred Orks laid to rest by his hand as the whirring of his chainsword comes to a low hum. Driven by an unknown power, Thule’s lust for truth has taken him to the reaches of Tombworld on Kronus and the Craftworld on Ulthwe and yet he still seeks the relic that would link his and the other Blood Raven’s legacy to the God-Emperor himself. He and the other Ravens followed a trail to the Sin of Damnation, a derelict Ork vessel, in search of yet another of these relics.

To his dismay he did not find his claim and more to the fact that he had discovered that he was not alone in this vessel. Familiar scorch marks on the ceiling and floor indicated an Eldar with a warp drive seems to also have been tracking the same prize. Maximo and Sister Beatrice stood in awe as this man, nay….more than a man….walked out of the darkness, covered in black ichor. The were first to witness the elan of this born leader, this Force Commander. Thule stood before them already making his next course of action and they place their fate in his hands in hopes to reclaim the confessor whom was stolen away by the Eldar.



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